When do you Ship?
-Better Than Your Mother’s Cookies are shipped throughout the United States using
UPS as our third party shipping carrier. 
- Orders are only shipped nationwide, using UPS two-day shipping (for larger boxes; ground shipping for the quarantine 5pk) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, to avoid weekend overlays.
We do not ship nationwide on Thursdays/Fridays. 
-If you need future ship day, we're happy to help! Please send us an email with your needs.
Orders are shipped in the order of which they are received. 
We do NOT ship for Monday/Tuesday arrival, please plan accordingly. 
Cookies generally arrive Wednesday- Friday.
* Orders placed after 1:00 PM EST will be shipped the following shipping day (Monday - Wednesday), excluding business holidays.
As of right now, we DO NOT deliver locally, but we're working to do so soon! 
*Please do not let your cookies sit outside in the elements, as they can be damaged by the weather.*
What if I’m allergic to Nuts/Gluten/Dairy/Eggs/Soy?
Our facility handles tree nuts, gluten, dairy and eggs; Soy lectican is a binding agent in some of our ingredients. There is trace of all of these allergens throughout the BTYM Kitchen. If you or anyone receiving the box are allergic, please do not purchase.
We absolutely do not return or refund the cost of cookies as they are a perishable item.
Please reach out to us at clientservices@betterthanyourmothers.com for any help you may need with your order.