The BYTM Story

Better Than Your Mother’s is a distinctive brand of luxuriious, freshly-baked custom cookies. We feature some of the world’s finest chocolate, butter, and sugar. Each cookie is small batch and made to order.

BTYM originally started as a fundraiser for the remarkable charity ‘Cookies for Kids Cancer’. Better Than Your Mother’s founder Iman Kawa wanted to do her part to contribute to childhood cancer research and did so by creating a baking challenge on her YouTube Channel. With the help of social media influencers and her amazing fan base, she was able to raise $5,000 for the charity. The cookies instantly became a hit on Instagram.

Iman finally decided to start selling her cookies. BTYM cookies have been favorites to top athletes like Jon Jones, and musicians like as Nicky Jam!

Popular flavors include our signature sea salt and chocolate chip, aka “The Classic”; the “Tuxedo” featuring toasted marshmallow, Nutella and Oreos, and “The Fixer” featuring 3 different chocolates in the cookie!

We pride ourselves in the way we tailor our cookies to the customer. If there is something very specific you love or makes you happy, tell us about it! We’ll figure out a way to make it a cookie.

About The Chef

Miami native Iman Kawa has been passionate about food her entire life. After studying Hospitality Management at Florida International University, she chose to pursue her education in Culinary Arts at the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. She then started her professional cooking career by working for Top Chefs in the New York City Fine Dining scene. With names like Daniel Boulud, Adam Perry Lang, Jonathan Benno, and Richard Capizzi on her resume, Iman felt as though it was time to make a name for herself; little did she know it would be with cookies.

This kind of just happened to be honest. After working with Jonathan Benno at a charity event for Cookies for Kids Cancer, I felt like I wanted to contribute. I started a fundraising campaign for this incredible charity. I set a goal of $5,000; I started posting the cookies I was making on Instagram, and everyone went nuts! Needless to say, we raised the 5K, and eventually a business was born”.

Iman decided one year later that she would launch Better Than Your Mother’s as a Luxury cookie line. “I decided to put all my years of fine dining experience into a box of cookies. I want my guest to feel as though they are the most special person in the world, at least for those small moments that they are enjoying my cookies. I feel like everyone deserves that”.

Better Than Your Mother’s sets themselves apart from other cookie lines with their refined quality, edible gold, and custom cookie work.